The name of the Mbuela Lodge hotel arose as homage to the village of the same name, located in the Province of Bas-Congo, where the accommodation is located.

Mbuela, a hamlet located 110km from Kinshasa - on the way towards Matadi but before reaching Inkisi – was visited for the first time in 1983.
In 1987, a 15,000 V electric line measuring 6km was installed to enable its development.
In 1991, 1,600 mangosteens were planted, with the first significant production being delivered in 2001.
2002 saw the commencement of the construction of the building that currently houses the restaurant and 9 bedrooms.
Since 2011, the ambassador Ghonda has taken over the development of the current site.

The Mbuela project

Our work philosophy comes from the vision of an old minister wishing to re-launch the economy and tourism of the region where he came from.

Mbuela Lodge is a rural tourism complex that honours the products and specialities of the land and culture of the region. This is why we work mainly with a team of employees, suppliers and farmers from the Province of Bas-Congo.

It is our objective to offer our clients a quality service and memorable stay with us. Under the management of the new director, Mbuela Lodge aims to set itself apart from with rest with its:

  • - personalised service;
  • - attention to detail;
  • - arge variety of fun, recreational activities on offer;
  • - redesign and increase in size of its infrastructures; and
  • - constant reassessment of what we do.

In addition to this, we attach great importance to the knowhow and professionalism of our team members and their in-house training. We aim to stand out in the sector thanks to a strict work ethic that each and every team member must adhere to.

Come and enjoy “Le Lodge” restaurant or “The Grillerie”.

At Mbuela Lodge, you’ll have the chance to taste the specialties of Chef Théo Tambezo and his team. Breakfast and business or family meals... discover our fully adaptable dining options. Every day, the Mbuela Lodge restaurant offers you the choice between an à la carte and buffet menu. You’ll be able to taste a simple yet tasty regional cuisine, tasty dishes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in addition to several specialties coming from beloved places visited by the chef and the new manager. The ingredients (beef, pork, goat, poultry, ostrich, fresh eggs, vegetables, fruit, honey, beer, and other products) come from the surrounding markets or from the farm - you are definitely in for a treat!

“La Grillerie” from chef Sankara, one of the best goat chefs in the country, invites you to enjoy the outdoor charm, the peaceful atmosphere of the tables under the mango trees and the friendly atmosphere of the bar. With a good plate of goat, chicken, pork or grilled fresh fish, during the day or in the evening, you’ll have a relaxing time, living your holidays the country way... the Mbuela way.